We are excited that you have joined our congregation. We want to give you an opportunity to serve and receive service from fellow believers. Here at 3D, family you can join the following ministries. 


We are bringing men back to their position back in the Family, church and in the society. A strong kingdom man is a pillar wherever life takes him. He strengthens everything that leans on him because he is powerful. He dips his feet in river Jordan first until everybody else is crossed to the other side safely.


A kingdom woman is a destiny birther! She possesses a unique ability to conceive, nurture and bring to birth the purposes of God to the earth. Our ARISE program empowers and encourages every woman to release the star within and to boldly arise to her place.
Contact pastor Judy.


Our young adults program connects our  youth to the stability that only comes in knowing Christ. In a fast and furious world, an Anchored youth is a great battle axe in the hands of God. Contact Eric (Youth director). 


Here at CLC we believe growth is a kingdom phenomenal. We also believe growth whether spiritual, mental, natural or financial is verifiable. We use goldmine as a personal and organizational development tool to facilitate growth in every individual who comes into contact with us. Call pastor Martin to hear more on how to discover, develop and deliver your uniqueness.